Patriot Sporting Challenge

Mission: To conduct fun, fair, competitive sporting events and activities to support charities which benefit the families of American military and first responders.

Thanks to your support, PSC will be providing the Folds of Honor with the largest contribution we have ever given–$130,000.  To date we will have given them over $407,000 to help educate our heroes’ legacies.  We express our deepest gratitude to you for helping to make the hopes and dreams of these families a reality! Your financial contribution in support of our heroes honors their sacrifice: “they gave their all so that we can live in the land of the free.”


Save The Date: Mark your calendar, JUNE 3, 2023, for our Fifth Annual Lake Fork Challenge.

2023 will mark our 5th Anniversary. Stay tuned for some exciting event changes: “fun” will definitely highlight the day. Be prepared to enjoy a special day all while continuing our patriotic support of our fallen heroes!


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