You can make a real difference in the lives of Northeast Texas StarKids by supporting this life-changing outdoor event!

The Patriot Sporting Challenge organization (PSC) launched the first annual PSC Legacy Day on October 5, 2019 at The Links at Lands End on Lake Fork.

The event was free-of-charge for StarKids, the children that are left behind by fallen first responders or military veterans.  The age range for this event was 10-18.

Each StarKid, accompanied by a mentor of their family’s choosing, enjoyed an exciting day of outdoor activities with an opportunity to share their feelings with other children in similar situations.

The StarKids experienced the invaluable coping rewards that come from outdoor recreation, including fishing, golfing, archery, and target shooting with air rifles.

StarKids were allowed to keep select valuable items associated with their day of outdoor activities.

It is hoped that PSC Legacy Day helped foster life-long relationships between StarKids and their mentor and with other children who are dealing with the sorrow and stress that comes from the loss of a parent. That is really what this day was all about.

PSC was excited to work with experienced professionals fromTrinity Oaks & Army Bass Anglers to bring this fun-filled outdoor event to Northeast Texas. Both Trinity Oaks & Army Bass Anglers founded their organizations on the premise that participation in the outdoors is a fundamentally life-changing experience.  Their mission, like PSC’s, is to benefit those left behind by fallen veterans and first responders.

Here’s how you can help…

  •  Sponsor/Support 1, 2, or 3 StarKids in future events for $300 each.
  •  Donate $ for food, beverages, and the StarKids’ take-home gifts.
  •  Volunteer your administrative assistance to help coordinate the event.
  •  Volunteer your teaching or coaching expertise to help with the sporting activities.
  •  Pass the word about PSC Legacy Day and help identify interested families of StarKids candidates.