Special Tribute—Patriot Sporting Challenge was supported for the first time this year by 3 great organizations which helped propel us to our best year ever in financial contributions to our veterans and their legacies! Support and involvement from people and their organizations like these make the difference. We reached a new milestone in 2021 due in no small part to their partnering and we thank them for all they did to make this year’s event a success!

Trinity Oaks, headquartered in San Antonio, Tx, was founded on the premise that active participation in the outdoors is a powerful, healing, and fundamentally life-changing experience. Their focus is to facilitate veteran and youth outdoor, hunting, and fishing experiences where such an experience can be beneficial. This year their Founder & Chairman and a select number of their board members traveled from the San Antonio area to participate in our cause. They brought a challenge team to compete in the event, donated significant on-line auction items, gift items and were instrumentally helpful in delivering TP&W’s digital scales for our fishing event. We thank you, Trinity Oaks for the extra effort in making our event such a success! Read more at: https://TrinityOaks.org

Lake Country Neighbors, Emory, TX, an organization that brings support wherever they can and has a special place in their heart for veterans. For the first time this year they brought a special outreach of support to our cause by providing over 20 members of their organization to assist us with all our raffle and game boards as well as food serving support to over 200 attendees at our “Celebration of Patriotism” evening event. PSC is proud to have them as neighbors! Read more at: https://LakeCountryNeighbors.com

The Well Armed Woman organization, Lake Fork Chapter, also joined us for the first time this year and provided all of the shooting range officers and support staff at the Winnsboro Gun Range for our 3-gun shooting contest. Their excellent and well-trained staff did a superb job in not only assuring a high level of safety was maintained at the range, but also running the contests in a flawless fashion. In addition they supported us with our first ever “all-woman’s challenge Team in the event,” and did very well. Peggy York, President, also placed FIRST in the rifle shooting competition. We thank The Well Armed Woman for their support! Read more at: https://TWAWShootingChapters.org and find the Lake Fork Chapter elsewhere on Facebook.

PSC is proud to have these organizations’ partnership and offer our deepest gratitude for their help and support. They helped us exceed our 3-year $250,000 financial goal which translates to scholastic assistance for more than 50 families of our military heroes! We look forward to their continued support!