(The 2020 Event at Lake Fork)

The Tournament will consist of four man teams competing in Fishing, Golf, & Shooting. Two will fish, two will golf, and two will shoot. Contestants can earn a maximum of 60 points per event and minimum of 40 points. The combined total of all events will determine the winner. In case of ties prizes will be combined and split evenly between teams.


Catch & Release (Paper Tournament) Contest hours will be from 7:00 am – 2:00 pm. Contestants may launch from the ramp of their choice and proceed to their chosen starting location. No lures my touch the water until 7:00 am and last fish must be landed prior to 2:00 pm. All fish must be caught with artificial baits (no live or dead baits may be used in any way). Overall weight will be determined by heaviest 5 fish caught.

Lake Fork’s slot limit will not be in effect, all fish 10″ and over are eligible. Each fish caught will be weighed (using the official scale provided) and called in to the scorers. The five heaviest fish will be counted for the team overall score. In case of a tie between teams, the largest fish caught between the teams will be used as the tie-breaker. 

All state & federal laws will apply. Any disputes must be presented to the tournament director within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the fishing competition.

All boat owners are required to have proof of liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000.


Scramble Format

Both team members will hit their drives and will then select the drive that they would prefer to play. Each player must hit their next shot from within one club length and in the same condition of the selected ball, not nearer the hole. For example, if the selected ball is lying in the rough, each player must play from the rough. Both players will then play their next shot and the process will be repeated until the ball is holed. A modified same-day handicap system will be used to determine your handicap and then used to determine your team’s best net score.

  • Lowest team 18-hole score  determines the event winner. (2 categories: gross and net)
  • DOUBLE PAR IS YOUR FRIEND!!!! (If you can’t score better than double par, just pick up and record that score). All putts must be holed.
  • In the case of tie, scorecard playoff will be the tie breaker starting with the #1 handicap hole. If still tied after 18 holes, chip-off on putting green will be the final tie breaker.
  • If you need a ruling ask your playing opponents. If there is disagreement play a second ball and head professional will provide final ruling.
  • USGA Rules shall govern all play with the following exceptions, local rules & clarifications:
  • Red lines & stakes define Lateral Water Hazards
  • Yellow lines & stakes define Water Hazards
  • Ball drop circles are in play
  • 14 club rule is waived/same ball rule is waived
  • Yardage devices are permitted




Modified 3-gun shoot

The Shooting Competition will be held at the Winnsboro Gun Club, located at the end of County Road 4403 in Winnsboro.  It is about 25 miles east of The Links at Lands End. There is no ammunition available for purchase at the Gun Club so each shooter needs to be well prepared with any extra rounds that might be needed.

Only one member of each 2-person team will shoot 25 clays. Both members of the 2-person team will compete in the pistol and rifle competitions. Better score of the team members will count towards the team score.

Scores from all 3 competitions will be added together for the overall team score.

Shotgun requirements:

1. Nothing larger than a 12 ga may be used. You may use a 16, 20 or 28 gauge if preferred.

2. Use of a compensator is allowed

3. Two shells per load maximum

4. Shot size recommended-7.5 to 9 shot

5. Standard 1 to 1 1/8 oz, 7.5 shot is recommended for 12ga. (7/8 to 1, 7.5 to 9 shot for 20ga.)

Bring 3 boxes of shells to shoot. Ear plugs will be provided for all shooters, bring your own ear muffs if you prefer.