Both team members will hit their drives and then will select the drive that they would prefer to play.  Each player must hit his/her next shot from within one club length and in the same condition of the selected ball, no nearer the hole. For example, if the selected ball is lying in the rough, each player must play from the rough. This process is repeated until the ball is holed.

  • “DOUBLE PAR” IS YOUR FRIEND! If you reach a score of twice par on any hole, (6 on a par 3, 8 on a par 4, etc.) pick up and record that score on the card.
  • Record the actual score on the scorecard (do not use + or -). Turn scorecards in to the scorer INSIDE THE TENT immediately following play, before you go to your vehicle.
  • At the end of the round the Pro Shop staff will use a same-day handicap formula to determine your handicap which will then be applied to determine your team’s net score.
  • Lowest 2 scores gross and lowest 3 scores net will be awarded merchandise prizes.
  • Teams will be awarded overall Challenge points based on best position in flight (Ex: Team A wins 7th place gross but 2nd place net—will receive points based on 2nd) Ties for challenge points will receive an equal amount of points. (Ex: all teams tied for 2nd place receive 49 points.)


  • Play is from the blue tees for men, the red tees for women, with the following options:
    • Players 60 and older have the option to play from the white tees
    • Players 75 and older have the option to play from the red tees
    • Players who have contacted the pro shop with a medical or special circumstance and have been approved by golfing committee for more forward tees prior to teeing off
  • All putts must be holed.
  • In the case of tie, scorecard playoff will be the tie breaker starting with the #1 handicap hole. If still tied after 18 holes, chip-off on putting green will be the final tie breaker.
  • If there is a disagreement about a ruling, either 1) call the pro shop (903.383.3290) or 2) after announcing to your opponents, play a second ball through the green, keep the score for both balls. The golf committee will provide a final ruling at the conclusion of the round.
  • USGA Rules shall govern all play with the following exceptions, local rules & clarifications:
  1. Red lines & stakes define Lateral Water Hazards
  2. Yellow lines & stakes define Water Hazards
  3. White stakes and all roads define out-of-bounds
  4. Ball drop circles are in play
  5. 14 club rule is waived/same ball rule is waived
  6. Yardage devices are permitted


Golf committee: Hunter Smith, Huy Nguyen, Nancy Schnabel




1: All fishing shall be done in Lake Fork (Official Lake).

2: Official fishing event hours shall be 7:00 am – 2:00 pm on Saturday.

3: Boats may launch from any point on Lake Fork (“trailer entry.”)

4: Official fishing hours shall be defined by personal cell phone time.


1: All fish must be caught by artificial baits.

2: Each boat will be allowed only 2 designated lines in the water.


1:   This event is a mandatory catch and release contest.

2: This event shall be a weigh – photo – report event.

CALL-IN #’s will be provided at registration

3: Slot limit shall not apply.

4: All qualifying fish shall be largemouth bass 10” or larger.

5: All strains of largemouth bass shall qualify for event purposes.


1: Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 teams with the heaviest 5-fish totals.

2: Ties for Overall Challenge Points will receive an equal number of points (EX: all teams tied for 1st place receive 50 points each.)

3: Tiebreaker for individual event prizes will be heaviest bass registered.


1: An optional side pot of $20 per team will be offered.

2: The total side pot will be split between the team with the heaviest bass registered and the team that registers the most qualified bass.


1: All federal and state laws, including wildlife regulations, shall apply.

2: At least one contestant from each team MUST pick up the official scale during registration. Registration hours are Friday, 8:00am- 3:00pm at Winnsboro Gun Club or 3:30 – 4:30pm at Links at Land’s End. If scale is not picked up, team will designated as non-competing. (See note at end of document re: scale procedures.)

3: All contestants shall have a valid State of Texas fishing license.

4: Official weights shall be taken with the BogaGrip scale as provided by the Patriot Sporting Challenge.

5: All boat owners are required to have liability insurance with $100,000 minimum.


1: No alcohol or illegal drugs shall be consumed or be present in contestant’s boat during fishing event hours.


1: All decisions of the Rules Committee are FINAL.

2: Any dispute must be submitted to the Rules Committee, in writing, within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the fishing event.


1: Each contestant, by entry or participation in this event, may be subject to a random polygraph test.

2: Any contestant determined as failing a polygraph test or violating any rules of this fishing event may be disqualified from the Lake Fork Challenge event.

3: Any disqualification of a contestant shall result in full team (all events) disqualification.


This year all fishing teams will be issued BogaGrip scales for the PSC Fishing Event. The scales are on-loan to the PSC from Texas Parks and Wildlife and must be returned. To ensure return of all scales, a credit card hold for $150 from each fishing team will be taken at registration. Upon return of the scale, at completion of the fishing event, the signed charge slip will be either destroyed or returned to the card holder. Without return of a scale, the credit card hold will be processed.


The following rules will remain unchanged throughout the Three-Gun Shoot Event and its Shotgun, Pistol, and Rifle Segments. PSC’s Event Manager (EM) is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of these rules. In consultation with the appropriate Range Safety Officer (RSO) and Event Scorekeeper (ES), the EM may impose such sanctions as deemed appropriate including Segment and/or Event disqualification. The decision of the EM will be final in all matters. It is also at the EM’s discretion, in consultation with the RSO’s, to make operational changes when safety is a concern.

The Event consists of three Segments: Shotgun, Pistol, and Rifle.

Only one shooter from the team will compete in the 5-Stand Shotgun Segment. Both members of the team are eligible and encouraged to compete in the Pistol and Rifle Segments. Only the better team score in the Pistol and Rifle Segments will be used for each team’s combined Event Score.

  1. No loaded competition firearms will be allowed onto the event property. Magazines may be loaded but not inserted into the firearm.
  2. All competition firearms must be in a case, box, range bag, holster, or other container. Competitors may not remove their firearm from the container until on the firing line and instructed to do so by the RSO.
  3. A competition firearm loaded before arrival to the range will result in penalties to the shooter: a 25-second penalty for Pistol competition, a 25-point decrease for Rifle competition, or a 10-point decrease for Shotgun competition.
  4. A negligent discharge, a shot fired at anything other than the intended target, or flagrant unsafe handling of a firearm as deemed by a Segment RSO will be immediately reported to the EM and may be grounds for Segment or Event disqualification.
  5. License to Carry (LTC) will be accepted on the range during the event as long as the firearms remain holstered. However, if the LTC firearm is also the competition pistol, it must be unloaded before entering the range property.
  6. This will be a cold shoot–no practice time will be allowed.

5-Stand Shotgun Competition Rules

  1. One shooter from each team will shoot 5 clays from each of 5 shooting locations for a total of 25 clays. From each location all shooters will shoot a single and 2 delayed pairs for a total of 5 clays.
  2. Each clay that is hit and broken will score as 1 point. A clay must be broken to score, visible dust from a clay will not score if the clay is not broken.
  3. This event is for Shotgun gauges 12, 20, 28, or .410.
  • Shot size is limited to number 7 ½, 8, or 9.
  • Only 2 rounds may be loaded per throw for singles or doubles.
  • Two shots at the single clay from each position are allowed.
  • More than 25 shells may be used, but the maximum possible score is 25.
  • Guns must be unloaded while moving from one shooting location to another.
  1. Score cards will be prepared upon Event Check-in with each contestants name printed on a Five-Stand Score Card. Upon completion of the five-stand shoot each contestant will verify their personal score and sign the Score Card. The completed Score Card will then become the property of the Event Scorekeeper.
  2. A re-shoot will only be awarded in the event of 5-stand equipment failure or the RSO calling for a reshoot due to a safety stoppage or other concern. A mental error, gun failure or ammunition failure will not result in a reshoot, nor will there be any score for the clay or clays that were thrown. MAKE SURE THERE IS A SHELL IN THE CHAMBER AND THAT THE GUN SAFETY IS OFF WHEN YOU SAY “PULL”.
  3. Segment scoring ties will be resolved as described later in this document.

 Pistol Competition Rules

  1. Semiautomatic or revolvers are allowed, any caliber up to a .45. Pistol caliber carbines or rifles are not permitted.
  2. Pistol magazines and cylinders may be loaded with a maximum of five (5) rounds. Semiautomatic shooters are encouraged to bring as many extra pre-loaded magazines as you have, up to 5, to help reduce reloading delays.
  3. No magazine may be inserted into a pistol until instructed to do so by the RSO.
  4. Optics or iron sights are authorized. Lasers are not authorized.
  5. Shooters will fire 5 five-round strings at five separate targets on one target sheet at 7 yards, landing one round per target per string. This will be a timed competition. Starting position will be at the low ready position.
  6. Targets are a “bullseye” with the Penalty Points computed as follows:
  • A round shot in the center two rings will result in no penalty time.
  • A round shot in the two perimeter rings will result in a 2 second penalty per round striking this area.
  • A round striking the target sheet but not within the perimeter of a target will result in a 4 second penalty for each round.
  • A target that cannot be verified with a total of 25 hits will be scored for an additional 6 seconds for each round short of 25 total hits.
  1. The shooter’s Segment Score will be the raw shooting time plus Penalty Points.
  2. After each shoot, the shooter will receive his target, print his name on it, and sign the target to verify the Segment Score. The scored target will then become the property of the Event Scorekeeper.
  3. Segment scoring ties will be resolved as described later in this document.

 Rifle Competition Rules

  1. The rifle event is for .17, .22, .22 long rifle, .22 magnum only.
  2. Contestants will fire 24 rounds at dual bullseye targets at 50 yards (12 rounds at each target).
  3. This is a time limited event with 5 minutes maximum allowed for shooting the 24 rounds.

(A semiautomatic with additional preloaded magazines or a semiautomatic tube-loading rifle is preferable. A single shot rifle may be used; however, the shooter may be disadvantaged to complete the firing of 24 rounds within the 5-minute time limit.)

  • Optics and iron sights are authorized. Laser assisted sights are not authorized. A spotter with binoculars provided by the shooter is permitted.
  • All shooting will be done from a seated position at a shooting bench, with elbows propped on the shooting bench.
  • No sandbags or shooting rests are allowed.
  • The use of a rifle sling is not authorized.
  • A pad to protect elbows from shooting bench is authorized.
  1. The NRA TQ-3/2 2010 target provides progressive rings with 10 points for the two center rings ranging down to 5 points for the outer ring.
  • Shots outside all rings or missing the target will score no points.
  • The Segment Score will be the sum of all points for the two bullseyes.
  1. After each shoot, the shooter will print his name on his or her target and sign the target to verify the recorded Segment Score. The signed target will then become the property of the Event Scorekeeper.
  2. Segment scoring ties will be resolved as described in the following section.

 Event Results Compilation and Tie-Breakers

The Segment Rankings will be determined as follows:

  • For the Shotgun Segment, the team shooters will be ranked from 1st to last according to the number of clays broken.
  • For the Pistol Segment, each team will be ranked from 1st to last according to the teammate with the lowest combination of raw time plus penalty points.
  • For the Rifle Segment, each team will be ranked from 1st to last according to the teammate with the highest shooting score.

Each team’s Event Score will be the sum of the event’s three Segment Rankings. Event Placement will then be ranked from 1st to last according to the lowest Shooting Event Score. Prizes will be awarded to the Teams with the top 3-5 Shooting Event Scores, depending upon the number of entries.

If there is an Event Placement Tie within the top five places, the first tie-breaker will be the highest number of X-Ring hits in the Pistol Segment competition. The second tie-breaker will be the highest number of X-Ring hits in the Rifle Segment. There will not be an Event Tie-Breaker applied to places 6 and beyond.

The final Event Placement rankings will be combined with Fishing and Golf rankings to determine the Challenge’s overall top finishers.

Competition Checklist

  1. Pistol (calibers allowed to .22 long rifle to .45)
  2. Rifle (caliber .17, .22, .22 long rifle, .22 magnum, i.e. rim-fire only)
  3. Shotgun (your choice up to 12 gauge; must be capable of holding at least 2 rds)
  4. Ammo:
  • Shotgun – 30 rounds, shot size limited to 7 ½, 8, or 9
  • Pistol – Minimum of 25 rounds
  • Rifle – Minimum of 24 rounds
  1. Extra magazines for pistol and/or rifle are suggested
  2. Ear/eye protection required for both shooters and spectators as this is a Winnsboro Gun Club requirement.