In April, 2021, the Patriot Sporting Challenge, an all-volunteer 501(c)3 charitable organization based in Northeast Texas, completed our third annual event, the “Lake Fork Challenge” which wraps around a unique sporting trilogy involving golf, fishing, and shooting. Our goal during these events was to raise funds for the Folds of Honor Foundation which gives scholarships to the families of killed or severely wounded American military veterans. With unbelievable support from all around Texas, we have awarded nearly $300,000 to the Folds of Honor already.

Patriot Sporting Challenge has accepted the mission to honor the sacrifices of our military veterans by helping to educate their legacies. These heroes have given their all and their families have suffered an incredible loss. We are building for the future of our nation, paying it forward so that the dreams of our fallen or severely wounded heroes can become a reality. There is no more noble cause than to provide those families left behind with the financial help and support needed to achieve their children’s educational goals. These children are our future. They are tomorrow’s heroes and the protectors of our freedoms that we all hold so very dearly. Together we can make this happen.

Our goals for next year’s event, on April 9,2022, will not change and we expect to produce an even more rewarding “Lake Fork Challenge.” Don’t miss this great event and the opportunity to help all of us answer our “Call to Duty.”

These three short videos tell why we have answered the Call to Duty.

Please watch them and make it your Call also.